WiFi UltraBoost Review

When you are watching that much awaited movie on Netflix and it keeps buffering, you feel so frustrated. One of the most frustrating things to happen is the painfully slow internet speed that does not let you watch that movie peacefully. It’s worse than no internet! Or, is it?

Rather than look for a faster internet line for your home, why not consider a Wifi booster, that will improve the quality of the network and give you a good speed.

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About WiFi UltraBoost

WiFi UltraBoost is a small device that gives your internet signal a boost. It connects to the wifi signal in your house and boosts. With this device you get internet connectivity in every part of your house, whatever the distance from the main connection. So, if the rooms of your house have bad internet connections, then you need this device.

WiFi UltraBoost enhances the range of your existing wifi to provide good signal to all the spaces, whether they are corners or dead zones. As soon as your wifi UltraBoost is set up, the negative zones are swept away. The device, which is a new gadget in the market, is quite easy to use. You can use it without any trouble at ll. It looks like a small charger. Just find a place in the room and plug it in. Switch it on and it is ready.

What Are the Causes of Weak Wifi Signal?

There are various causes for a weak wifi signal in the house. The distance of the router from that point where you are getting a weak signal is just one. Metal wiring and thick plastering on the walls are others. Given below are some other causes: –

  • Metal filing in cabinets
  • Metal walls
  • Cordless telephones in the room
  • Microwave ovens in use
  • Neighboring apartments
  • Use of same wifi by other members of the house
  • Weather
  • Radiofrequency Interference
  • Electrical interference

Ways to Rectify Dead Zones

  • Transferring the existing router to a different place
  • Adjusting the antenna of the router
  • Using another wifi channel, if available
  • Removing barriers
  • Using a wired wifi instead of wireless connection

While the solutions usually always work, it may be not be convenient to implement them. This is where a wifi booster is handy. It is an efficient, effective and convenient signal supporter. A wifi booster works the same way as a TV antenna by amplifying the network signal and increasing the covered area and strengthening the signal.

WIFI Ultra boost

How to Choose the Best Wifi Booster?

A wifi booster is an inexpensive way to extending the range of your internet connection using your current router. With a booster, even that part of your house with a weak signal is covered. Given below are a few things to consider when you are shopping for a wifi booster: –

  • Price – The boosters are highly priced. However, there are a few products that are inexpensively priced and have standard technology.
  • Compatibility – Buy a wifi router that is compatible with your router. For example, if the speed of your router is AC1750, then you need a booster that has a reach of AC1750 than a router that has a speed of N300. Also, check the frequencies that can be used by the booster. It should support both 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies.
  • Types of Wifi Boosters – There are 2 kinds of boosters available – repeaters and range extenders. Although the 2 terms are commonly used interchangeably, they describe 2 different technologies. The WiFi UltraBoost is a range extender. It captures an existing signal and rebroadcasts it as a new network. The only negative is that you have to sign in to the network to get an excellent signal in your home.
  • Placement – The location of your booster is of prime importance. To boost your wifi signal effectively, you need to take 2 things into consideration. The first is that it should be placed where there is a good signal from the router and secondly, it should also be near the dead zones. Find a sweet spot and you get an excellent and strong signal.

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How Does WiFi UltraBoost Work?

WiFi UltraBoost has inbuilt antennas to enhance the range of your wireless coverage. The signal can penetrate walls and travel through all the floors in the house. Whatever the size of your house and however complex the architecture is, this small device will conduct the signal to all the corners of the house. You will be free to enjoy an excellent wireless performance anywhere in the house that you feel like.

In addition to having an excellent wifi reach, the wifi UltraBoost also offers an excellent wireless connection, with a speed of 300Mbps. With this, the router will be able to establish a high-speed and long-range connection, that will give all the members of your house to enjoy an excellent and high-speed connectivity. There will no longer be any complaints of not getting a good network because another member is streaming a video.

The wifi UltraBoost has multiple modes that can be adjusted according to your needs. It depends on the kind of network that you have, the speed and can connect to almost all devices. Since it is compatible with nearly all the devices, it can connect easily with tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, desktop PCs and others.

In addition to be being effective, the wifi UltraBoost is so simple to use, that anyone can set it up. With a press of the WRPS button for safe encryption and plugging the booster, a stable connection is established with the same router setting. You do not need to spend more to get another high-speed wireless connection. With this booster and at half the cost, you get a high-speed connection in all the spaces of your house.

Your wifi UltraBoost pack contains the following:

  • Wireless-N mini extender
  • User manual
  • RJ-45 network cable

With the user manual at your side and the other 2 components, you will be able to efficiently set up the connection.

Who is the WiFi UltraBoost For?

If you are unsure whether the wifi UltraBoost is for you, then you should read the following. If you have any of the given problems with your wifi, then you need the device.

  1. Your Home Has Dead Zones Where There is No WiFi Signal Reach – If your home has dead zones, which means that there is no wifi signal there, then installing the WiFi UltraBoost will clear those places. Dead zones occur when the router is too far or because there are unusual construction features in your home, blocking the signal. Whether it is the construction or the distance of the router, installing the WiFi UltraBoost device will ensure that all these dead zones get a good wifi signal.
  2. Your Home Has Areas with Slow WiFi – Your home may not have dead zone but there may be corners in your house, where the wifi is painfully slow. Maybe when you are working in the living room, the wifi is so slow that you need to move to another room to complete your work. This is when installing a WiFi UltraBoost will help. It will instantly boost the strength of the network so that you get fast internet speed at all places.
  3. You want a Fast Wifi Speed at All Times – It is only when you have a comparison that you realize how slow the internet connection in your house is. Using a wifi booster can hike the internet speed. You can upgrade to a better speed without having to spend too much to get an internet connection with high-speed. The WiFi UltraBoost is also good if have multiple devices that you want to use without having to lose speed.

Is It Worth Buying WiFi UltraBoost?

The main purpose of the WiFi UltraBoost is to strengthen the router’s WLAN. You will require a password for establishing a connection. The connection will not be accessible without the password. It helps download and play music and videos. You can also load websites quickly. The speed is consistent and you won’t need to stay close to the router for a signal.

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Benefits of WiFi UltraBoost

With the WiFi UltraBoost, you can enhance the signal strength of the Wifi without using extra data. Hence, you won’t need to spend more to get a stronger signal. And, your internet service provider will not even be aware of the increased speed or the booster. But, the best part of using this booster is that you will no longer have any dead zones. All the areas of your house will be covered with the WiFi UltraBoost, increasing your wifi range. Given below are the benefits of WiFi UltraBoost: –

  • You don’t need to move the router for a strong signal
  • You don’t have to get a new and faster internet connection or pay more for it
  • The dead zones in your house are eliminated
  • You do not have to move or remove furniture for a good wifi signal
  • You do not need to hook up to an ethernet cable for streaming videos

Getting a faster internet speed will not resolve the problems of weak signal. Also, a fast internet connection does not necessarily mean strong internet connection.

Technical Features of the WiFi UltraBoost

WiFi UltraBoost is compatible with all devices having WLAN function. The fastest way to check compatibility is either by the WLAN or the similar button on the front of the router.

The WiFi UltraBoost has 4 displays namely, WLAN, LAN, On, Off and the WPS. When the device is being used, a green light indicator starts blinking. This will tell you if the device is working properly or not. There is a LAN port on the side and you can use this port for connecting the LAN cable when you want to have a faster signal. This is especially helpful when you are watching videos. Be informed about the shape of the sockets when you are travelling.

Purchase and Price

At present, the WiFi UltraBoost is available for purchase only on the official website of the manufacturer. A lot of duplicates are being manufactured and sold as the original WiFi UltraBoost. Therefore, buying the product directly from the manufacturer will prevent your getting cheated.

Considering the technology of the WiFi UltraBoost, you would expect it to be priced highly. But, surprisingly, the product is quite inexpensive and the manufacturers give discounts from time to time. So, it is quire affordable and won’t make a dent in your wallet.

With this small price, you won’t be able to resist this deal.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

There does not seem to be any money-back guarantee or refund policy on the website of the manufacturer. However, with such a small price, you won’t need the money-back guarantee or the refund policy because you are not likely to be disappointed with the product.

Testing the WiFi UltraBoost

The website does not have much information about the WiFi UltraBoost’s specifications. So, you don’t get a sense of the speed that your device can handle. But based on the research conducted on the booster, it appears that it can support speeds up to 300mbps.

The best way to test this device is by doing a Google speed test after connecting to your router. Then do another test when you are connected to the WiFi UltraBoost.


Knowing the speed that your booster can handle is an important aspect that you should consider. With so many dead zones everywhere, despite having the best routers, a wifi booster is essential for everyone. That said, the WiFi UltraBoost has proved to be a good purchase in a reasonable price range. If you are looking for a booster, then, considering the points while shopping for a booster, the WiFi UltraBoost fulfils all the conditions that a good booster should have. That makes it a good buy.

Also, with the 300mbps internet speed that it can handle, you will not have any dead zones in your house or office. But be sure to do a speed test when you are connected to the router.

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